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Manufacturer of sheds and garages in Quebec City - Canada
Cabanon Concept - Manufacturer of Sheds, Garages and Garden Sheds - Quebec - Canada
A selection of prefabricated sheds, storage sheds and garages
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Garden shed for sale - The Titan III luxury
Garden shed - The Titan III luxury
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Our indoor showroom is open year round

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Cabanon Concept 1 888 615-1444
730 rue des Chainons, Quebec Qc. G1C 8C1
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Cabanon Concept Canada || Garden shed for sale model: The Titan III luxuryThe Titan III luxury
Pitch Roof (Cathedral Roof) available
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Garden shed model: The Titan III luxury - Cabanon Concept Quebec - Canada

Available sizes

Imperial Sizes

(8' X 12') (8' X 14') (8' X 16') (10' X 12') (10' X 14') (10' X 16') (12' X 14') (12' X 16') (12' X 18') (14' X 16') (14' X 18') (14' X 20') (15' X 20')

Metrics sizes

(2.4m X 3.7m) (2.4m X 4.3m) (2.4m X 4.9m) (3.0m X 3.7m) (3.0m X 4.3m) (3.0m X 4.9m) (3.7m X 4.3m) (3.7m X 4.9m) (3.7m X 5.5m) (4.3m X 4.9m) (4.3m X 5.5m) (4.3m X 6.0m) (4.6m X 6.0m)


Do you need a lot of space? Do you want a garden shed-style building? The "The Titan III (luxury)" is what you need. Available in a range of sizes, the Titan de Luxe can hold your garden tools, your building tools, and your swimming pool accessories all under the same roof! The front garage door provides an entry wide enough for your needs. Comes in over seven sizes or can be custom built.

- 5/8" (1.6cm) plywood floor covering
- glazed steel garage doors many size available
- 2 windows 12" x 36" (31cm x 91cm)
- vented aluminum cornice front and rear
- choice of colors for door and cornice
- roof with 6/12 rake
- octagonal ventilator cowls (2)
- choice of colors - different windows & door layouts to choose from

Several options available: double awning, painted doors and windows, flower troughs, double windows, shutters, lattices. (Please call us.)

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Sales and manufacturing of sheds and garages in Quebec City - Canada
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